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CEF Budget

Our Goal for 2020/2021

Every year CEF strives to meet the financial demands of a superior education by funding the programs and tools necessary to achieve an enriched and innovative learning experience. Our students remain our greatest motivators. They continue to flourish in a vigorous and dynamic learning environment filled with inspired curriculum and progressive technological tools and know-how. As a Board, we are bound to a mission of supporting our students’ eagerness for learning, and to provide our faculty and staff with the programs to sustain their enthusiasm.

Our goal for the 2020/2021 year is to raise $205,378 to cover otherwise un-funded expenses, such as:

  • $205,378 toward salaries of certified and non-certified personnel not paid by SRVUSD


  • Music Teacher and Program (TK-3)
  • Art Teacher and Program (TK-5)
  • PE Instructional Aide (1-5)?
  • Librarian and Library Classes (TK-5)
  • Reading  Specialist (TK-5)
  • 2 Math Paraprofessionals (TK-5)
  • 2 Literacy Paraprofessionals (TK-5)
  • 1 Classroom Paraprofessional (TK-1)
  • Noon Duty Supervision (1-5)
  • Campus Supervisor (TK-5)
  • Computer Systems Assistant (TK-5)
  • Education Software and Licensing Fees (ex: Keyboarding without Tears and RazKids)
  • School Site Improvements (ex: New Playground Structure)


  • $30,000 toward the purchase, maintenance and replacement of technology used in classrooms
    • iPads/Chromebooks
    • Keyboards
    • Projectors/RedCats
    • Computers on Wheels
    • Software licensing fees
  • $12,000 for operating expenses of CEF
    • Registration and software fees
    • Accounting, Insurance and Non-Profit Dues

This amounts to an operating expense of $550 per student. To meet these school funding needs, we have a donation request of $550 at fall registration. We believe this dollar amount reflects the true cost to maintain the level of curriculum and staffing expected at John Baldwin. The money raised in August and September will be used to fulfill the immediate needs of the faculty and our students this school year.

The John Baldwin Cougar Education Fund is an affiliate of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation.

JB Cougar Ed Fund

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