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Find Media to Match How Your Kid Learns
Posted 5/15/19

When it comes to learning, there's no one-size-fits-all: Some kids need to try things out, some need to read information, some need to take notes in pictures -- and on and on. So how can we supplement our kids' learning at home without them feeling like we're force-feeding them castor oil?

Thankfully, there some really cool apps that approach learning content in ways that truly take advantage of a screen. These are not online worksheets or endless drills. And there are plenty that can address a variety of learning and attention issues . Whether it's mathreading, or just the way some subjects are presented that causes your kid to get stuck, there's probably an app that can help. So while no parent is looking for ways to give kids more reasons to use screens, if used in small doses, these apps might be worth a try.

- Common Sense Media