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Posted 1/20/21

JB Parents, as we enter into the last semester of school we are beginning to build our yearbook and will be available to purchase soon. While it has been a very different year than we are all used to, we still have a lot to celebrate and look back on for the 20/21 school year.  You can upload your pictures directly to the Herff Jones sharing site. Please remember to add the names, grade levels of any students in the picture and any details as well. Also, please note that we cannot use any pics of students on zoom, google or any other on-line sources.



Every year the yearbook has a special section for graduating 5th graders. If you would like to participate, please submit a baby/toddler photo of your 5th grader with a sweet message of love and luck in their future school years. All submissions need to be in by Friday, February 26th. Please email your photos and messages to Rayne Devlin.