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Anonymous Email Threat Made - Investigation Underway
Posted 1/21/21


On Thursday morning, January 21, 2021, the City of San Ramon received an email threat against our schools. The city immediately forwarded the email to the San Ramon Police Department. The SRPD contacted the District and informed us that they are conducting an investigation, however, there appears to be no credible evidence of a threat.


We want you to know that the timeline for the threat has passed, but as a precaution, we have advised all school sites to lock the gates and remain extra vigilant throughout the day. The police department will provide extra patrols at all of our sites and believe it is safe for staff and students to be on-site Thursday, January 21,  2021. 


At this time, the San Ramon Police do not believe there are any credible threats posed to staff, students, or the community.  


If you have any information about this threat, please contact Lieutenant Tami Williams with the San Ramon Police at (925) 973-2786.