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JB News
Posted 9/14/21

John Baldwin Site Council:

Mark your calendars to join us for our first meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 29th 3:30-4:30 pm in the library. For those that prefer to meet virtually, we will be also on zoom! Join us via this link.

JB Nature Club: Our science teacher, Ms. Stinson, is excited to announce that she will be starting a before school Nature Club at John Baldwin! Nature Club is open to 2nd and 3rd graders on Thursday mornings from 8:00-8:45 a.m. It will run from October 7th - December 16th. Nature Club will involve activities such as planting and caring for our school garden, keeping our campus clean, nature journaling, and more! All interested 2nd and 3rd graders should fill out this form by September 24th.

JB Prism Club: Prism Club will be starting on September 23rd and will be hosted every other week during lunch. The Prism Club will be student led, but facilitated by Jen Donnelly and Denise Vargas Vila, two of our fifth grade teachers. Each week, students will play games, do read alouds, and engage in discussions surrounding gender identity, LGTBQ+ history, ally ship, and respect. Students are encouraged to share as much as they are comfortable with sharing, but will not be asked to share more than they are willing to. Together, as a club, our 4th and 5th graders will make it a space that works for and supports them.

JB Student Council: Student Council will soon be up and running! This week 4th & 5th graders will have the opportunity to apply to be a Student Council member. Student Council is a unique, cohesive, group of students who care about others and genuinely want to have an important leadership role in their school community. Please see this slideshow to learn more.

Child Nutrition Update: Do I need to keep money on my child’s Student Meal Account?

No. For at least the Fall 2021 semester and the foreseeable future, students will not need to have money on their account. In the past the Child Nutrition department used a third party program called SchoolCafe to maintain money for student meals.

If you have an account balance you can request a refund by contacting our department secretary by calling (925) 824-1808 or email Belinda McDaniel and provide:

  • Student(s) name(s)
  • Students ID(s)
  • School site(s) 
  • Person's name to make the check payable to, and Mailing address where to send the refund check.