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SRVUSD Access to Excellence
Posted 5/10/22

San Ramon Valley Unified School District is excited to announce the launch of its new “Access to Excellence” Community Engagement initiative.

The initiative is focused on reconnecting our schools with the San Ramon Valley community after two challenging years in education. The purpose of the initiative is to re-engage with the community and reconnect with the sense of pride we all have in our schools. Our tagline for this initiative is “Success Reimagined,” which to us, means that both now and in the future, our students will:

  • achieve in academics and gain social and emotional health;
  • engage in opportunities to think, create, and solve real-life problems, and understand who they are and the importance of giving back
  • be curious, confident and independent;
  • appreciate being part of a community and understand the importance of relationships, empathy and compassion;
  • set and achieve goals, possess a sense of purpose and service, and love the process of learning, becoming leaders who positively influence the world around them; and
  • have access to the best education and brightest future possible.

Access to Excellence is about celebrating what our schools mean to our community, as well as providing opportunities for members of our community to support and partner with us.

The initiative includes visuals that will be seen on street banners, school banners, posters, social media posts, as well as a promotional video. The image above is an example of what our community will see around the San Ramon Valley as a reminder of what we are about, how the entire community benefits from great schools, and that “success reimagined” happens when communities are actively engaged.

To learn more about this initiative, visit or send an email to