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School Site Council

The John Baldwin School Site Council is an elected group of parents, teachers, and school staff who work with the principal to:

  • Maintain a comprehensive school plan that addresses budget, strategies to meet academic standards, and the overall school vision
  • Budget and allocate state designated School Improvement Plan funds in a manner that supports the school objectives
  • Monitor and maintain appropriate goals as established in the school plan.

To insure the council works closely with both the Cougar Education Fund and the PTA, board members from each attend council meetings. The council meets monthly and while only members may vote, all are welcome to attend.


Site Council By Laws

Site Council MeetinGS

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Wed., Sept. 9 Agenda Minutes
Wed., Oct. 14 Agenda Minutes
Wed., Dec. 9 Agenda Minutes
Wed., Jan. 13 Agenda Minutes
Wed., Feb. 10 Agenda Minutes
Wed., Mar. 17 Agenda Minutes
Wed., Apr. 28 Agenda Minutes
Wed., may 12 Agenda Minutes



Site Council Members

Joe Romagna


Christine Chao
Amy Gerace
Gina Gibbons
Kelly Gomez
Shannon Kuhl


Lubna Jawaid
Lynn Kaashoek
Nancy McCaul
Joe Romagna
Shira Stein-Kelly

All staff, parents, and members of the public are invited to attend the meeting.