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Principal's Message

John Baldwin Community,

If you have older students at the middle school or high school level, you may have seen our district attendance campaign of "We Want You Here!" advertised across their campuses. Soon enough, the message will be found on our campus! The truth is, attendance awareness and practices start as early as elementary school. A student that misses one day of school every two weeks misses 20 days of school for the year. If a student continues at that same rate over 13 years, they will miss one and half years of school.

Positive attendance correlates with student success. As you likely have observed, our students' learning in reading, writing, and math is cumulative. In other words, their classroom experience builds upon the learning from the previous day. In addition, daily attendance sets positive habits for life.

There is a common misunderstanding that schools receive funding for excused absences (Illness, doctor appointments, etc.). Unfortunately, that is not true. Please note, we never want our students feel forced to come to school if they are not feeling well. Students that are sick SHOULD stay home! All other absences, including taking a Friday off for an extended weekend are considered unexcused. Our site obviously does not receive funding for these missed days either. If you are going on a trip for five school days or longer, let our office know. We can walk you through the process of generating an independent study. These are considered excused absences (Yes, if you are wondering, we do get funded for these days as well). We understand that trips provide invaluable learning opportunities. With that said, whenever possible, please schedule them during school breaks/vacations. It is impossible to replace the specific instruction that is taking place in classrooms. Independent studies attempt to keep your child up to speed, but are no replacement for daily classroom attendance.

Thank you, as always, for your continued partnership in your child's education!