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Principal's Message

John Baldwin Community,

Last week, our student council members put together a very special assembly. It’s purpose was to celebrate our staff. As Mallory and Giuliana, our student presenters, said to our student body, “There are many people that make our school run, from nurses to instructional aides to custodians. There are also office staff, child nutrition, crossing guards, para professionals, noon supervisors, and nurses.” The students went on to call out each of our support staff by name and invited them to be celebrated and recognized as they walked across the outdoor stage. Our paras, librarian, special education team, interventionists and specialists, counselors, and prep teachers all received roars of appreciation from our students. It was heartwarming to watch. The students then turned to their teachers and gave them a loud ovation.  

Our JB student council also acknowledged Mrs. Humphrey who is retiring at the end of this year. Gili, one of our student council members, said, “She helps inspire us all to be great. Her kids also went here. No wonder she is so great at teaching. She really likes helping kids find their strengths, and learn how great and unique they are.”

Mr. Swenson was recognized by JB student council member Bevin. Mr. Swenson has announced he will be teaching in Brentwood next year. Bevin said, “You are one of the greatest teachers this school has ever had. We will all miss you… You helped us get ready for fifth grade. You made school fun! We are so sad that you are leaving.”

The student council did an amazing job. I feel incredibly fortunate to call JB my home away from home. Thank you all for taking the time to celebrate our staff this week. 


Joe Romagna