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Principal's Message

John Baldwin Community,

This month I have been visiting some of our classrooms to share the book, Draw the Line by author/illustrator Kathryn Otoshi. The book is made up of simple, yet beautiful illustrations that tell a story about friendship and forgiveness. There are stark images that seem to project that the conflict is insurmountable. Then, a gentle hue of gold appears, symbolizing a possible reconciliation. Otoshi mentions in an interview that she had a disagreement with her parents when creating this book. As a result, she almost did not visit them for Thanksgiving. She then realized that would be contrary to the message she was writing in this story. Ultimately, her family came together. They worked through their differences, and in hindsight, they are stronger for it. If you'd like to experience the book, I'd invite you to check out this video link on youtube. 

With continued appreciation for our community's support,

Joe Romagna