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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten!

 Language Arts The core of our program is CKLA (Core Knowledge Language Arts), based on the science of reading. In addition, we do the following activities:

  •     Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Word Study
  •     Read Aloud: Teacher reads to students, modelling comprehension strategies
  •     Shared Reading: Teacher and students reading together
  •     Handwriting: hand position, grip, directionality and formation of letters
  •     NY Readers Workshop:  Minilessons and Independent reading time
  •     NY Writers Workshop: Personal Narrative, Informational Writing, Persuasive Writing

Math District adopted curriculum is Engage NY/Eureka Math. We supplement with the following:
  •   ​​​​​​​Dreambox Learning
  •   Marci Cook Activities
  •   Kim Sutton Math Games
  •   AIMS activities

  • TWIG Science
  • Mystery Science
Social Studies
  • Exploring Social Studies California (TCM Publishing)
Social Emotional Learning
  • Second Step
  • Sanford Harmony
  • Vocal music weekly with a music specialist
  • Thematic crafts
  • Directed draw
  • Instruction and creative exploration using various media: paint, clay, pastel, etc.
Our philosophy in Kindergarten is to give your children a strong foundation to prepare them for success in elementary school. Our curriculum encompasses academic, social, physical, and emotional development taught within a nurturing, engaging environment. Each student arrives to kindergarten at a different stage of readiness, we teach school and life skills at a level appropriate to the development of each child. We want to help your child maintain a positive self-image and develop responsibility and independence that will support them throughout their years in school.

There are many things you can do at home to ensure your child gets off to a great start everyday!
  •   Observe appropriate bedtimes.  Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep.
  •   Eat a healthy breakfast each morning. 
  •   Pack your child's Kindergarten bag before bedtime so it's ready to go in the morning. 
  •   Set aside a block of time each day to devote to reading. 
  •   Share your own positive experiences about school with your child. 
Ask your child specific questions about their day.