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Website Technology

Website Technology

Technology in the classroom:
  • 4th and 5th grades have 1-1 Chromebooks
  • TK-3rd grade have 16 iPads per class
Though the generous donations of our parents, students use the application Keyboarding without Tears to learn how to type or improve their typing skills. Keyboarding without Tears is accessible both at school and at home on the Mac, PC, Chromebook and iPad via the district portal:

District Portal:
Student access to Keyboarding without Tears, Dreambox and other applications are available through the district portal.
SRVUSD Acceptable Use Policy

SRVUSD Acceptable Use Policy

San Ramon Valley Unified School District makes a variety of communications and information technologies available to students through computer/network/internet access. These technologies, when properly used, promote educational excellence in the District by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication. illegal, unethical or inappropriate use of these technologies can have dramatic consequences, harming the district, its students and its employees. These Responsible Use Guidelines are intended to minimize the likelihood of such harm by decuating District students and setting standards which will serve to protect the District. The District firmly believes that digital resources, information and interaction available on the computer/network/Internet far outweich any disadvantages.
The Technology Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is included in the annual update that parents complete each fall.
Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship teaches and empowers students to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world. This chart lists what students learn in each grade.
1st Grade        
Keep it Private - Unit 1
Staying Safe Online - Unit 2
My Online Community - Unit 3
2nd Grade
Going Places - Unit 1
Follow the digital Trail - Unit 2
Things for Sale - Unit 3
3rd Grade
Rings of Responsibility - Unit 1
Picture Perfect - Unit 2
Talking Safely Online - Unit 3
4th Grade
Private & Personal Responsibility - Unit 1
The Key to Key Words - Unit 1
You've Won a Prize - Unit 2
Selling Stereotypes - Unit 3
5th Grade
Power of Words - Unit 1
Digital citizenship - Unit 2
Privacy Rules - Unit 3