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Mission Statement

John Baldwin Elementary School is a community of learners where each individual is invested in his or her own learning as well as the growth of others. Our mission is to ensure our students and staff have the necessary skills to join the global community as independent, yet collaborative innovators who seek to make positive changes in the world.
We believe in:

  • Promoting student engagement through choice
  • Supporting independence and risk-taking
  • Collaborating for learning and decision-making
  • Setting goals and reflecting on our progress toward meeting them
  • Celebrating all backgrounds and interests
  • Connecting learning through authentic, relevant, and real-world experiences
  • Developing staff to deepen our practice over time
  • Meeting students where they are with a growth mindset
  • Maximizing the potential of each child by teaching strategies and skills that are transferable to the future.
  • Identifying our students in ways that mirror the real world (i.e. as avid readers, writers, mathematicians, inquirers, etc.)
We believe in the unlimited potential of each of our students and staff.