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Character Education

John Baldwin uses a variety of character education tools to support our students, staff, and families in building a supportive and inclusive campus community through school-wide initiatives, classroom lessons, social emotional learning (SEL) and support, and opportunities to participate in school clubs/student council. Through these initiatives and opportunities, we strive to teach students empathy, conflict resolution, effective communication, emotional regulation, inclusivity, resilience, and perseverance.
No Place for Hate

No Place for Hate School


John Baldwin works continuously each year to be recognized as a No Place for Hate School through several school wide projects that involve all students to encourage a welcoming school climate and a culture of inclusion. John Baldwin’s Climate Committee chooses three projects approved by ADL to implement each school year that celebrates the diversity and individual differences of our school community.


The Zones of Regulation
The Zones of Regulation
SRVUSD is implementing the Zones of Regulation district wide in the 22 elementary schools. The Zones of Regulation framework and curriculum teaches students to build awareness of their feelings, learn and utilize a variety of tools and strategies for emotional regulation, social skills, self-care, and overall wellness. Students learn different strategies for mindfulness, healthy connections with others, and thinking strategies. In addition, The Zones of Regulation incorporates Social Thinking concepts to support students in understanding how their behavior affects others, problem solving, and conflict resolution.
Sanford Harmony
Sanford Harmony
Teachers implement Sanford Harmony SEL curriculum throughout the school year, which is a social and emotional learning program to teach elementary students how to cultivate healthy relationships through cooperation, empathy, and effective communication. The lessons feature activities, games, songs, and stories to foster the development of their social and emotional skills.