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Get Ready for Middle School

Get Ready for Middle School (GRMS)

Get Ready for Middle School (GRMS)

What is the Get Ready for Middle School (GRMS) Program?

The GRMS Program within the Rainbow Program is a literature based curriculum aimed at supporting second semester 5th grade students transitioning to middle school.  The books referenced in this curriculum are a Smart Girl’s Guide: Middle School by American Girl and The Manual to Middle School: The “Do This, Not That” survival Guide for Guys by Jonathan Catherman. The GRMS program exposes students to navigating a new school campus, curricula, teachers, friendships, and activities. The GRMS program can be delivered to groups in the Rainbow Room or larger space on campus or to a whole class depending on the site preference. The sessions run for 30 minutes for 8 weeks.  During this time, the students review excerpts from the books and have discussions pertinent to the topic.  They may also ask questions and share information with others about middle school.  
How does the paraprofessional interact with students?

Depending on the delivery model, the paraprofessional may present information to the group or class and then will ask a discussion question at the end or provide a student activity in which they can engage.  This allows students to review the topics presented and delve into other topics related to middle school.  If any discussion is beyond the scope of the program, the paraprofessional is trained to direct the students to the appropriate resource (middle school website, parent, counselor, etc.) so that their concerns can be addressed.
Does the paraprofessional provide direct counseling or therapy?

Please note that the Rainbow Program does not provide therapy or counseling nor does the paraprofessional directly engage in dialogue related to events that happened outside the Rainbow Room. This requires a more direct service or support.
Who can benefit from GRMS?

Any student who is a second semester 5th grade student can benefit from the GRMS program.